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Who can participate in this contest?

How to register for the contest?

Which theme is applicable to which age group in the contest for submitting the drawing entry?

How to participate online in the contest?

Is there any theme for the category ‘Art on other surface’

How many drawings can I submit in the contest?

I am not a customer of ICICI Bank but my son is, am I eligible to participate in the contest?

Can I submit drawings by my son/daughter or any other family member?

I am an ICICI Bank customer, however my e-mail ID and mobile number is not registered with ICICI Bank. Will my submitted entry be eligible to win the contest prizes?

Is there an entry fee for the contest?

How will the entries be judged?

Can I edit my drawing entry?

I just submitted my drawing, why is it not appearing on the contest website?

I have already submitted a drawing entry, can I replace this existing entry with a new drawing submission?

Can I as a participant win multiple prizes in this contest?

If I submit drawing in the wrong theme category, will the drawing be disqualified?

What do I do with the physical copies of the drawings?

The scanned copy of my drawing submission is not getting uploaded. What do I do?

I forgot my Login ID and/or Password and hence unable to log in to my account?

Are Schools / Colleges and Housing Societies as an entity eligible to participate in the Creative Masters drawing contest?

I have registered for the Creative Masters drawing contest from Housing Society. Am I eligible to participate in my individual capacity?

What needs to be done of the drawing sheets collected after conducting the drawing contest in the School / College / Housing Society?

What all age groups are allowed to participate from School / College and Housing Societies in Creative Masters?

When will the winners be announced?